Air New Zealand Introducing In-Flight Web Browsing, For Just $40 a Megabyte

May 27, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

You’ll soon be able to forget about having to switch off your cellphone when boarding an airplane – or at least if you live in New Zealand and are using Air NZ. The company is introducing some new aircraft, equipped with mobile and web-related services – and it should all be set in motion sometime later this year.

The new aircraft is the Boeing 777-300, and it will make its maiden flight during November. Passengers will be allowed to send and receive text messages, while also browsing the web using a mobile broadband connection. However, calls will still be prohibited – a decision made based on customer opinions, apparently.

However, the prices are rather pinchy – while 80 cents for an outgoing SMS is more or less acceptable (incoming ones are free of course), you’ll have to pay a whopping $40 for just one single megabyte of data transfer – so basically, forty bucks to check your mail on the plane. Is it worth it? Hardly, for the average person. But if you need that kind of connectivity, the price probably won’t matter that much.

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