Acer shows of 7-inch Android tablet and e-reader devices

May 27, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Acer’s earlier stance ( at least a couple of months ago ) was that it will not be entering the tablet realm at all. But that has now changed with Acer announcing their upcoming 7 inch tablet device at Beijing today. Nothing much is known about it other than the screen size and that it runs on Android. Along with the tablet, Acer also unveiled the LumiRead, their first e-reader. It uses a 6-inch e-ink display and has a joystick for input.

The tablet device marks Acer’s official entry into the tablet market in competition to Apple’s iPad. While Acer’s CEO Gianfranco Lanci was rather reluctant to reveal the specs on the device, it can be seen that unlike most tablets, this one has a hardware keyboard beneath the display. Lanci also hinted at the possible inclusion of a 3G module into the device.
The LumiRead, shares a design similar to that of the tablet other than the e-ink display. It also has a unique scanner which can recognize ISBN barcodes from real books in order to create a wish list. Barnes & Noble will be providing access to their online store from the device, hinting at a US release for the device. In Europe and China, content will be provided by and Founder respectively.

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