Acer Readying a 7-inch Android Tablet for Q4, 2010 with Integrated 3G Module and a QWERTY Keypad

May 27, 2010, By Atul Roach

Apple did take the lead in developing the tablet form factor computer we now so dearly call the iPad, but there are better versions of the same form factor being developed by other competitors. Acer for one is a competitor that is keen to compress the technology into an even smaller device and the company CEO Gianfranco Lanci showcased a 7-inch Android powered tablet prototype in an event held at UAE.

The 7-inch Android baby will head to the production floor pretty soon and going by the words of the CEO, it should be in the consumer hands by the last quarter of this year. The sad part was that the Acer boss was in no mood to part away with any related information about this upcoming thingamajig.

His was only a teasing job at the special event, but he did mention that the network operators will be an obvious choice as far as the sales channels for this device are concerned. Also, since the network operators will come into play, an integrated 3G module will be found on this device.

Another factor that wasn’t discussed but was evident was the presence of a QWERTY keyboard, which is a novelty in this form factor lineage.

It is ironical that Acer completely banished the talks of developing a tablet computer a couple of months back and now we have this revelation coming through.

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