Verizon Droid Incredible Updated with 2GB microSD Card, No Extra Cost Attached

May 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

A few of you might have checked out the Droid Incredible on the official VZW website yesterday and would have been shocked not to find it there. Well, VZW is in no mood to get rid of its hottest selling handset this early and that was just a lag created to update the package. Big Red, after that lag, is now offering the Droid Incredible with a free 2GB microSD card, to add to the 8GB of internal memory on the smartphone.

If you remember, VZW initially offered the Droid Incredible with a free 2GB microSD card, but it later withdrew the offer only for some unknown reason. Nonetheless, Big Red is offering the 2GB microSD card again and as I said before, there is no extra charge being levied for that.

One of the probable reasons for this package upgrade could be the speculated arrival of the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update. Froyo enables moving applications to the microSD cards and therefore the extended memory on the Droid Incredible could be of great help.

Another take for this change of hearts from Verizon could be the adoption of the Amazon MP3 Store as it always requires a memory card. VZW could have done a little better with a higher capacity card but even a 2GB option would do for the moment.

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