New iPhone 4G Release Date To Be Announced In Two Weeks (We Hope)

May 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

There has been a lot of speculation about the specific release date of the next generation iPhone, but the fact remains that no one is certain about a precise release date. iPhone 4G hopefuls are now anticipating a positive announcement from Steve Jobs at the WWDC 2010 where the Apple Boss will ‘hopefully’ confirm the smartphone and will also go ahead and announce a release date.

It is very difficult to predict with Apple, but as ‘hopefuls’, we believe Jobs will largely talk about the success of the Apple iPad and also render more details on the iPhone OS 4.0. Once these two discussions are out of the way, Jobs might then throw light on the next generation iPhone-which is now become the most eagerly anticipated thingamajig of the year after the iPad.

While we are eager to know about the next-gen iPhone, there is another bunch of enthusiasts who hail from VZW and they badly want an announcement regarding a Verizon branded iPhone 4G.

We will have to hang around patiently for a couple of weeks to exactly know what Steve Jobs has in his kitty for the mega event and until then, we can only and only PRESUME as an ardent bunch of ‘hopefuls’.

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