Marvell Makes New 10-inch Android Tablet and Shows It Off; Customer Yet To Be Revealed

May 26, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A 10-inch tablet running Android OS has been displayed by Marvell at the Netbook Summit. The company, however, has not yet named the customer for whom it has developed the tablet. The new tablet is based on the Moby reference design that was created earlier by Marvell.

The device runs Android 2.1 Éclair as its Operating System and packs an Armada 610 Snapdragon processor from Marvell as well. The design also contains space in the front for a camera and the device has an aluminum shell.

Marvell has not revealed the customer for whom the tablet was developed and it even took certain measures for keeping the identity of the consumer a secret by disallowing the tablet to be turned on during the display at the summit.

The pricing and the launch date of the device were also not revealed by the company. The Marvell Moby, which is the reference for the design of the new tablet, has an Armada 600 ARM processor inside as well as the capability to play 1080p videos and is priced at $99.  We are just waiting to know more on that.  Tablets are really in, don’t you think?

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