iPad UK Release Date And Purchase Locations [iPad To Be Sold By 3rd Parties In Addition To Apple Stores]

May 26, 2010, By Intermaggio

For our readers in the UK, the iPad is getting things stirred up. The Apple product which has until now been unavailable in the region is being released very soon. As soon, sources say, as this Friday.

Apple has been very tight-lipped so far about the iPad’s UK release, so information is limited. According to a tipster, store owners have been instructed not to publicize that they’re carrying the product until Friday morning, which is when the product is expected for release.

Apple is keeping stores on such a tight leash, in fact, that they are required to file photos of their sales floor with the company on Thursday night by 8pm- presumably to prove that they haven’t yet announced that they carry the tablet.

The iPad UK launch is big- Apple stores will be opening at 8am to accommodate a rush of customers, and 3rd party dealers are reporting record levels of interest- one such store reports a “humongous list of would-be customers,” all eager to get their hands on the product.

If you’re looking to buy the iPad in the UK on release day, your best bet is to skip the queue outside of an Apple store, and head on over to one of the shops listed here. However, because stores haven’t officially been cleared to carry the iPad yet, you may want to call ahead to ensure that they’ll be selling.

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