HTC Evo 4G To Get An HDMI Dock, To Be Sold Through Best Buy

May 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

When you open your Sprint HTC Evo 4G boxes on June 4, 2010, you’ll be terribly disappointed to realize that the box does not contain a Micro HDMI cable. It is seriously an annoying factor as Micro HDMI cables’ aren’t available easily, but then, all you HTC Evo 4G hopefuls can afford to relax as we have some good news for you.

Our beloved Best Buy will come to your rescue and it will be selling a special HTC Evo 4G HDMI dock which will work with the Micro-USB port at the bottom of your EVO for data and power transfers.

Data and power transfers apart, the more attractive usage of this dock will be its compatibility with the Evo 4G Type D connector and the HDMI 1.4 connectivity. This dock does sound like one of those must have accessories for a top-notch smartphone, but the question is how effective will be the handset with its HDMI features.

PCMag tested the Evo 4G HDMI output and the results aren’t very pleasing for them. The problem discovered is that the Evo 4G relayed 1080p, but a few TVs were only able to recognize a 480p signal. Also, a number of applications, for instance the Sprint TV, completely refused to send their goods out over the High-Definition Multimedia Interface.

Now before you jump the gun and spend your money on this attractive looking dock, be sure to test it out thoroughly!

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