Gears Of War 2 Title 6 Update Goes Live For 800 MSPs, Download It Now

May 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

All you Gears of War II freaks will be pleased to know that Microsoft Games Studio has finally put an end to teasers and outed the Title 6 Update for the third-person shooter game. Gears of War II was getting a tad boring for the Xbox 360 gaming fanatics and this update can breathe a new life into this game. The Title 6 update is available for players who already have all four map packs and they can get it downloaded by shelling a modest 800 Microsoft Points.

Just in case you do not have the requisite map packs, you will then end up shelling much more MSPs, but even then, the update is worth that ‘virtual expenditure’

The update brings in a brand new multiplayer feature for matchmaking dubbed as the Social Matches that allows you to jump in or out of games without disruption, including Horde mode matches. Other than this, the Title 6 update improves balancing along with other behind the scenes fixes.

The Gears of War franchisee fanatics will have to be content with such fixes until the next edition of the game-Gears of War III-arrives in April next year.

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