Dell Streak Release Date And Specs Announced: Price Coming Soon

May 26, 2010, By Intermaggio

Just yesterday we reported that the Dell Streak will be released early June 2010. We now have confirmation that the Streak will be released to the masses on June 4th 2010, as well as a look at its specs.

The Dell Streak is a cross between a phone and a tablet. The display is 5 inches across, and the edges of the phone are roughly 1 cm outside that, meaning that this device will feel bulky in your pocket- but comfortable in your hand. For comparison, the popular iPhone 3G hs a 3.5 inch screen- just 70% the size of the Streak,

That being said, the real question is this: can the Dell Streak really compete with both smartphones and tablet PCs?

O2, the exclusive carrier of the phone in the UK, says that the phone will tout some very handy features including multitasking- a feature that has been sadly lacking from Apple’s line of phones since the start.

The phone will also have built-in GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, a nice 5 Megapixel camera, and full screen web browsing.

Worth noting is that the phone will be released with Android 1.6, an OS which is quickly becoming outdated. However, O2 promises that the phone will get an update to Android 2.2 Froyo shortly after release.

Our source points out that it seems Dell is trying to compete with both the iPhone and the iPad at the same time- which is quite a daunting task. Do you think the Dell Streak will be a hit, or will it flop?

Stay tuned for an update as soon as we discover the price of this great piece of hardware!

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