Archos 8 Touchscreen Tablet Specs Talk of an 8-inch Device, According to FCC

May 26, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Archos 8 Home tablet, if you would recall, was touted to be a device with am eight inch touchscreen display. Now, word comes that Archos erred a bit in measuring the width of the screen. Take a look at the FCC documents and the eight inch specs are what Archos had submitted to government.

However, Hanstarr who has made the display claims it to be just 7-inches of screen real estate.

Archos had made its submission to the FCC detailing specs of the tablet some time ago. As per the description, the device is an Android MID. The device has been confirmed by its maker as deploying  

Rockchip RK2808 SoC. The HSD070IDW1 resistive touchscreen display has been made by Hannstar with 800×480 pixel resolution, 25ms response, 500:1 contrast, 200/300 nits brightness, and 140-degree left-right and 110-degree up-down viewing angles. It is being expected that the device might double up as $199- worth picture frame, with WiFi functionalities thrown in. Though the FCC documents say that the display is of 8 inches,  Hannstar claims it has made a 7-inches screen. We just wonder what’s with the mismatch.

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