Verizon’s BlackBerry Bold 9650 in the offing? Carrier starts training staff on new BlackBerry handset

May 26, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Verizon is said to be in the process of bringing in the BlackBerry on to its network. Glad news, isn’t it? What we get to know is that Verizon has kicked off training its staff members on the new BlackBerry Bold 9650. Details of the training in the form of pictures are all over the web for all you enthusiasts to see.

Training material images show Verizon staff being given the first taste of the 9650, with elaborate lessons about the earlier 9950, an a bit of 512 MB thrown in. These when blended with 9970’s trackpad and the like seem to be throwing open a whole new dimension in learning all about the new upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9650. The learning process is also said to be banking on a 2GB Micro SD card on the storage department.

With the training now on, we expect the BlackBerry Bold 9650 to arrive not so late. Verizon customers are in for a world of joy, going by the plan. For Verizon, the BlackBerry Bold 9650 debut could open new vistas in luring an additional number of customers.  Let us wait to see what really is in store. Meanwhile, some say that the device might come in a week’s time. Wait till the training gets over.

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