T-Mobile myTouch 3G Pricing Hikes to $149.99, Not Free Anymore

May 25, 2010, By Atul Roach

Not sure anyone bought the myTouch 3G (available in black and white) for free as listed yesterday on the T-Mobile official site as that was probably a mistake. The smartphone was earlier priced at $149.99 and T-Mobile have corrected the ‘probable’ error and re-listed the price again at $149.99 unlike yesterday (see snapshot) where it was listed-FREE.

Henceforth, the pricing is back to normal and also add to that the fact that Fender Limited Edition model has remained at $179.99, just like it was reflected yesterday. An interesting question considering this particular circumstance is what happens to the customers who placed an order for any of the T-Mobile myTouch models yesterday.

Those customers may expect the phone to arrive for free, but they might eventually end up paying $149.99 for it. Suing the company in the circumstance may be a valid option and therefore T-Mobile should play it safe by either informing the customers who ordered the handset yesterday or putting up a small apology note on the official site.

myTouch 3G is a great option for people who admire T-Mobile 3G connectivity speeds (definitely better than AT&T) and even for a pricing of $149.99, there are people who will buy this smartphone.

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