Splatterhouse [Midnight?] Halloween Release Date Announced

May 25, 2010, By Intermaggio

The folks at Namco have just confirmed that their remake of the classic violent arcade game, “Splatterhouse” will be available this fall, in time for a “Halloween release date”.

This is great news- Halloween is the PERFECT day for a game like Splatterhouse to be released, and it also lines up well with the holiday season, giving kids plenty of time to tell their parents they want this bloody, gory, M-rated (rating pending) game under their Christmas tree.

Whether or not Splatterhouse will be released \on\ Halloween (10/31/2010) is unclear- as the quote from Namco was broad, but it’s clear that the game will be released near Halloween 2010. Halloween this year falls on a Sunday, which is definitely not an optimal day to release a video game- but it could be perfect for a midnight release like Red Dead Redemption, which was hugely successful.

Splatterhouse is sure to be an awesome action game, with amazing graphics and an awesome soundtrack. Would you let your kids play this awesomely violent video game?

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