Sony’s PS3 Move Motion Controller Release Date Hinted for July

May 25, 2010, By Atul Roach

The motion controller gaming peripherals are the next big thing for the big game console developers and Sony is already doing a lot to gain supremacy in this segment. The PS3 Move which will be a Wii-mote like motion control unit with game support is hopefully going to be in consumer hands by July this year as suggested by game retailers who have outed the street date.

Sony has still not mentioned a specific release date despite these rumors and the company looks in the mood to surprise ardent gamers at E3 this year. What has though strengthened these rumors is an ad brochure from games outlet BT Games which mentions that the PS3 Move will be here this July.

You may out-rightly banish this rumor but do take note of the fact that BT Games is the same outfit which announced the arrival of the 250GB version of the Xbox Elite way before it eventually hit the market.

On a different note, Sony is certain of the success of this peripheral and Sony will make sure that the gamers use this device with the right games and the right genres. For me though, the upcoming Xbox peripheral is a more exciting proposition despite these efforts from Sony, but even Microsoft will have to ensure a decent pricing for Project Natal to be a success.

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