Nokia N900 Maemo 5 OS Update 1.2 Goes Live, MeeGo not be Supported on the Smartphone

May 25, 2010, By Atul Roach

MeeGo might be touted as the next big thing for upcoming Nokia and Intel doodads but Nokia’s N900 will not support the platform even after it becomes device ready. Instead, Nokia has gone ahead and made available Maemo 5 update 1.5 for download in the UK . Just in case you head to the Ovi store looking for this update, the specific update description is V10.2010.19-1 and with this, Nokia N900 has officially shown the door to the collective platform MeeGo.

An interesting situation is that MeeGo version 1.0 has already been demoed and we still do not know which future devices will eventually use the platform. With Nokia banishing the OS for N900, MeeGo may just be a platform developed for the purported Nokia tablets.

As far as this specific Maemo 5 OS update is concerned, it is now available in the UK while the rest of world will receive it ‘hopefully’ by tomorrow. The update renders a number of enhancements for the N900 users including face-to-face video calling and improved Ovi Maps.

Even the emailing experience has been upgraded by parrying in Facebook IM Chat and the ability to accept or decline event invitations directly from the inbox. The update will also arrive with more games as V10.2010.19-1 goes global and arrives at Ovi stores by Thursday morning.

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