iPhone 4G to Get Video Chat Feature, Says Commercial?

May 25, 2010, By Atul Roach

The iPhone 4G arrival will turn into a reality in a matter of days ‘hopefully’ and other than the front-facing camera presence and white hues adorning the next-generation Apple smartphone, it will also be laden with video chat capabilities. So, we just don’t have the touted feature set available, we have also started to realize the kind of functions those features will render on the iPhone 4G.

There is definitely a front-facing camera on-board and one of the potential advantages of that camera ‘would’ be video chatting. How do we know it? Well, Sam Mendes is busy directing a set of adverts for Apple and in one of those adverts, a mother and a daughter will be depicting video chatting using the new Apple device.

The source for this information is an Apple insider and the sequence of adverts can be confirmed through the Twitter update above where an actor talks about being nervous as she has an audition for a Sam Mendes advert in New York.

The Tweet clearly says ‘a f***ing Sam Mendes Commercial’ and therefore we do not have any doubt that Sam is readying those set of adverts for Apple. The big question though is whether the set of commercials will include that ‘mother-daughter’ sequence depicting video chatting or not.

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