Intel cancels Larrabee project – to focus on integrated graphics

May 25, 2010, By Thomas Antony

For the last three years we have been hearing about how Intel is all set to shake up the GPU market with their LarraBee discrete GPU. But it was later downsized into a “software platform” last year and now Intel has finally decided to shelve the project completely. According to a new blog post from Intel, the company won’t be bring a discrete graphics product to the market, and instead will be focusing on their integrated graphics chipsets and highly parallel multicore processors.

Now Intel is definitely not out of the graphics game as they are still working on integrating their GPUs right into their Atom N470 processor as well as much of their upcoming Core 2010 lineup.

Larrabee was originally conceived as Intel’s first true high-speed graphics design and would have used as many as 32 separate, vector-optimized x86 cores that would have worked in tandem to render graphics.

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