Farmville Invades 7/11, Soon Your Mouth

May 25, 2010, By Gerard "Danger" Cabarse

As if your Facebook News Feed doesn’t get enough of it, Farmville is now making its way into our lives in the form of actual food. Zynga, the company behind games such as Farmville and Mafia Wars (two incredibly popular games on Facebook) has struck a deal with 7/11, making it the first advertisement deal the company has had outside the virtual world.

Consumers purchasing Farmville associated products such as ice cream, slurpees, and the like gain access to “limited-edition goods” in one of three of Zynga’s games.

While this is Zynga’s first non-virtual advertisement campaign, 7/11 has been doing much to tap into the Gaming market. The company has had similar ad campaigns to this one, featuring Kratos of the God of War series, and Master Chief from Halo. 7/11 has even started its venture into used game territory with their “Great Games Below $20” program.

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