Apple iPhone 3GS to sell for $97 at Walmart from today

May 25, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Walmart has made it official that it will start selling the 16GB Apple iPhone 3GS through its stores at a new reduced price of $97, along with a two year contract, starting today. Walmart previously sold the phone at a price of $197.

The company has said the move is part of the aggressive price savings announcements being made by the company. However, the price has been reduced barely two weeks before the expected official announcement of the iPhone 4G by Apple Worldwide Developers Conference event which begins on June 7. Although Apple has not given any official confirmation about the launch of the iPhone 4G at the WWDC event, the company has a history of unveiling a new model of the iPhone at the event every year. Apple has confirmed that Steve Jobs will deliver his keynote speech this year on the first day of the event at 10 am.

Walmart’s price-reduction on the 16 GB iPhone 3GS model could be followed by a price reduction by Apple as well, which currently sells the phone for $199. The company had previously slashed the price of its iPhone 3G model from $199 to $99 at the time of release of the iPhone 3GS. The same strategy could be repeated this time around when the iPhone 4G releases, but Walmart’s prices would still be lesser by $2 in that case. It has also been reported that Apple has stopped shipping the iPhone 3G model to AT&T stores.

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