PanDigital shows off 7-inch “Novel” e-reader with B&N store access

May 24, 2010, By Thomas Antony

We were all thinking we would be flooded by cheap e-readers by now. But it is not so yet. However, Pandigital’s latest offering seems to deserve some merit. They are best-known for their digital photoframe products, and they are now dipping their toes into the e-reader market. And there is no expensive e-ink nonsense in this one. I suppose they think that if Apple can get away with an LCD, why not? So their new “Novel” e-reader sports a 7-inch full color 800×600 touchscreen LCD. And they may have hit the right pricepoint too with the Android powered device hitting the stores next month at $199.99.

The eReader comes with 1GB of internal memory and supports SD/MMC cards for external storage. It measures 5.5- x 7.5- x 0.5-inches, packs WiFi connectivity, orientation sensor and a rechargeable battery that is supposed to give a six hour runtime on a full charge. The e-reader supports PDF, ePub and HTML formats for ebooks. There is also a builtin web browser and music player. And since it runs Android, it should also support third-party apps.

The Novel e-reader will be able to access the Barnes and Noble eBookStore and will also be able to share content via LendMe.

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