Nokia N8 vs Nokia N97: Fine Style Wins

May 24, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A prototype of the Nokia N8 phone was tested to check its performance with Nokia’s own N97 model being set as the benchmark, and the N8 was found to perform functions at a speed much higher than the N97.

The tests were conducted using an application called Speedy Go! The application can test the performance of Symbian devices with and without the graphics accelerator switched on. After the prototype N8’s tests, the phone was found to achieve a score that was higher than the Samsung Omnia HD’s score by 54 percent, when the graphics accelerator was switched off. When it was switched on, the phone’s test readings were higher than the readings for Nokia N97 by 180 percent.  After conducting a range of FPC bench 3D tests, the N8 achieved a perfect score of 60 fps in every category, which is the highest score countable by the app.

The high results for the N8 are said to be due to the Symbian3 software present in the device. The software is capable of taking complete advantage of the graphics accelerator present on Symbian phones, whereas the Symbian S60v5 software is not able to do so fully.

The Nokia N8 comes with a 680 MHz CPU and will make the Symbian3 software available commercially for the first time. It also has a sleek design and sports a 12 megapixel camera in the back.

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