HP Slate Switching from Windows 7 to webOS? Not Likely!

May 24, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

The HP Slate’s release is under a big question mark as of right now – we’re not really sure if we’ll even get to see the device in the first place. However, there seem to have been some rumors going around recently that the device will be using webOS instead of Windows 7 – and the fact is, there’s nothing to support that.

The thing is, the two operating systems need different hardware to operate on to begin with, so assuming that a move to a different OS can be made so lightly isn’t very logical. The majority of the hype seems to be coming from a post made on a news blog today which reports a statement by the Digitimes, however it seems to be as simple as a matter of misinterpretation.

Now, we’d be more interested in finding out if we’ll actually get to hold the Slate in our hands at some point further down the line – we hope that HP will pull through with this one. With all this talk about it, it’d be sad to never see it for real.

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