YouTube Banned In Pakistan After Sacrilegious Videos [After Facebook Was Banned For “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!”]

May 20, 2010, By Intermaggio

Following the recent ban of Facebook in Pakistan after a group was created called “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!”, the Pakistani government has decided to ban popular video sharing website, YouTube, as well for videos they deem sacrilegious.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority or PTA is the entity in charge of enforcing the bans, and says that they blocked the websites only after their attempts to get the sacrilegious items removed failed.

The creators of the Facebook page that started it all say that their message was not meant to slander Muslims, but rather, to show Muslims extremists that they are not afraid of their threats- particularly in response to incidents like a 2008 car bombing after a caricature of Mohammed was drawn for a Danish newspaper.

Certainly we can see where both sides are coming from- threats from extremists are unacceptable, but so is creating a Facebook page making a mockery of a religion. Is the PTA justified in banning Facebook and YouTube, or are they exercising too much control over the daily lives of their citizens?

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