Sports Illustrated shows off first HTML5 magazine for tablets at Google I/O event

May 20, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A demonstration of a magazine based completely on HTML5 was shown by Sports Illustrated at the Google I/O event. The advanced features that are provided in the digital version of the Sports Illustrated magazine displayed at the event were all created using HTML5 which is fast becoming the new standard for the web. Previously, such features could only be created using Adobe Flash or Adobe AIR.

The layout of the digital magazine closely resembled the layout of the print version, but it also included embedded videos on the page that did not require additional plug-ins. Fonts that resembled those in print, dynamic transitions and pop-up navigation bar were other features present in the HTML5 magazine.
Sharing news and articles on social networks or accessing related articles was possible due to a contextual circle menu present in the magazine. A Google Buzz widget was also added to allow users to follow a conversation thread related to any particular story in the magazine.
The demonstration of the HTML5 Sports Illustrated will affect Adobe’s plans to project Flash as an important component for enriching the web in the future. The new format disproves this theory of Adobe, and removes the absolute necessity of a framework based on Flash. Since the HTML5-based content can be viewed on any modern internet browser, native apps will no longer have to be rewritten for different platforms.
Operating systems such as iPhone OS and Android OS are mostly enabled for the purpose, with updated WebKit engines expected to be present on BlackBerry 6.0 and Symbian 3 devices from Nokia. It is still unknown as to when the HTML5 version of Sports Illustrated will become available to consumers. Check out the video below:

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