Samsung Galaxy S Features Awesome “Super AMOLED” Screen – Visible Under Bright Light With Incredible Quality

May 20, 2010, By Intermaggio

We’ve seen the awesome Galaxy S Promotional Videos from Samsung– but they don’t even come near doing justice to the awesomeness that is the Super AMOLED screen, as was unveiled at the Google I/O conference.

Basically, the screen is a breakthrough in consumer display technology- never before have we seen a screen on a consumer device that has the contrast and brightness of the Galaxy S, but you be the judge- check out the video below.

Just imagine the convenience of using that screen. Videos come through amazingly well, and it can be viewed from a great range of angles.

Quite frankly, the phone may be worth buying just for that. It’s certainly got us excited.

What do you think of the Super AMOLED screen? Have you ever seen anything like it?

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