LG Panther, Windows Phone 7 Mobile Specs & Features are Impressive

May 20, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A demo of the most recent build of the Windows Phone 7 operating system was conducted by Microsoft on a prototype of the LG Panther handset. The operating software worked very well and displayed its potential as most of its major features were already working. 


The Facebook integration of Windows Phone 7 is one of the most notable features of the software. The function is very intuitive as when a contact is accessed through the address book, the updates of the contact are also shown on the screen. The current status of the person on Facebook is also shown along with the data available in the address book.

Microsoft’s Zune is the designated media player for the software and plays music and videos on the handset quite smoothly and swiftly. Music files and other such media content can be downloaded from the Zune store, which has been confirmed to open in the UK, before the software launch, by an official of Microsoft’s UK Business Group.

The Zune player on a Windows Phone 7 device can also get album art for the user through the phone. Missing album art or metadata for MP3s that have been dragged and dropped from another device or location can be found by the software, a feature absent on the iPhone.

Windows Phone 7 can also recognize street addresses and show its details or its location on a map with a single click. Microsoft’s Bing search engine is responsible for the search process of this feature while a link for every address is created automatically by the mobile software in every application including text and email.

Future builds of the Windows Phone 7 software will include support for Xbox Live which will allow users to download Xbox Live arcade games.

The LG Panther prototype that featured the demoed software performed very well. The touchscreen was intuitive and the slider QWERTY keyboard was designed to be social networking-friendly. The handset, which was first displayed in February, has been confirmed to be among the handsets that will be launched when the Windows Phone 7 software is ready

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