iPad App Store Becomes Available Internationally

May 20, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

iPad users outside the US can now rejoice as the iPad app store has opened up in many countries outside America. Many users from countries such as The Netherlands, Germany, the UK and Switzerland have tweeted about the availability of the iPad app store in their respective countries. Some have even posted pictures of the app store on the screens of their devices. The latest information also suggests that the app store is now available outside the Europe in Australia as well. However, the service reportedly is not completely stable yet.

The official international launch of the Apple iPad is still a week away on May 28th. However, the device was already purchased by a number of users outside the US due to cheap exchange rates and the early launch of the device in the US. It was only later that the non-US users discovered it was not possible to purchase iPad apps from iTunes’ local apps store.

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