How to Remove Antivirus System Pro (Removal Guide)

May 20, 2010, By Alex Ion

Antivirus System PRO is a nasty member of the rogue’s family that comprises of craftily planned computer generated threats like Total Antivirus System PRO or Antivirus System PRO Tool 2010.

Just like its rogue precursors, Antivirus System PRO includes the  ave.exe executable that starts performing malicious actions on the contaminated system, immediately when the system boots up. The virus smartly makes Internet Explorer incapable of functioning — which is meant as a way to prevent you from downloading newest antivirus software in order to get rid of it.

Steps to Remove Antivirus System PRO

1. Eliminate the pop-up ads and stop corrupt processes. This can be done through the following steps.

– Click on Ctrl + Alt + Delete all at one time

– Select “Task Manager” present in the Windows Security menu

– Click on the Tab “Processes”

– Look for Sysguard.exe and Antivirussystempro.exe, uninstall.exe processes

– Immobilize these processes by hitting the “end process” key

2. Locate the Antivirus System PRO files on your system you need to follow the below mentioned steps.

– First get to your system’s “Start” menu, and press on the “Search” tab.

-Search in “All files and folders” for all the Antivirus System PRO filenames (see above) and search all your hard drives.

– As soon as you locate the file you need to erase it.

3. It is very important to have a complete backup of your registry prior to amending it. The best way to build a backup is to create a restore point. Creating a restore point on your machine is done like that:

– “Start” button, then click “All Programs” – “Accessories” and “System Tools” followed by “System Restore”

– First select “Create a restore point” after which you need to press on the “Next” tab

– Enter a name in order to identify the system restoration point and then select “Create”

4. In order to get rid of files from the registry you have to follow the next steps.

– Open Registry Editor (“Start” tab, click “Run” and then enter “regedit” inside the existing field, and hit OK/Enter).

– To locate a particular Antivirus System PRO registry key, choose “Edit” – “Find” and enter name of a specific Antivirus System PRO registry key.

– Once an Antivirus System PRO registry key shows up, you can remove it: right-click on it and Delete.

5. Delete the c:\WINDOWS\system32\iehelper.dll process if you find it running.

– Start – Run – “cmd” – click Enter/OK
– Write “cd c:\WINDOWS\system32\iehelper.dll” and press Enter

-Write “regsvr32 /u iehelper.dll” and press Enter, again.

To confirm the successful removal of Antivirus System PRO from your system, you need to restart your computer.

If no pop-ups show after the restart you’re good to go, you got rid of Antivirus System PRO. But remember that after wiping it out you’ll also need to change your homepage in Internet Explorer.

Did this removal guide helped?

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