Tutorial on avoiding the ‘Sexiest Video Ever’ virus on Facebook

May 19, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A new virus is spreading on Facebook. The virus appears in the form of a posting on the user’s Facebook wall, with a message titled “This is without doubt the sexiest video ever 😛 😛 :P”. The message also contains a video with the name “Candid Camera Prank [HQ]”. 

Clicking on the link will take the user to an application resembling a Facebook application, which informs the user that an advertisement application called Hotbar needs to be downloaded to view the video. The application is in fact, malware that is capable of collecting data from the user’s computer. The virus also posts the same message on the user’s friends’ walls using the user’s profile picture or avatar.

Facebook users can avoid the virus by refusing to install any unknown applications appearing as Facebook messages. Using the most recent versions of web browsers is also recommended. Switching to Google Chrome as the web browser will also be a good move as Chrome was called unhackable at the Pwn2Own contest held this year.

Users who suspect their computers to be infected by the virus are advised to uninstall the Hotbar application. A complete scan of the entire system using anti-virus software can also help to detect the virus.

Check out the video below to see the virus in action.

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