Sony PlayStation Network Premium Services to be announced at E3 Event

May 19, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

PlayStation is going Premium. Sony is reportedly in the process of getting ready to launch its PlayStation Network premium services soon. If what we get to know is true, the new services would be made official at the upcoming E3 gaming expo.

In case you are wary that the advent of premium services would come as a bane for free content, you need not be. Sony insiders have been quoted as saying that the new PlayStation Network premium services will not affect free content.

When they arrive, the new premium services are expected to cost just around $73 a year. That’s exciting, indeed.  Further, if you are someone who is opting for an upgrade, Sony will be offering you a PlayStation Network game absolutely free every month. Try working out the money you will be spending and it would become clear that the PlayStation Network games would cost an average of £6-9 each. Further still, Sony’s plan seems like bringing in paid and free services together that could have all in them to excite the gamer in you.

Though it is still too early to list out all the details, we have a strong feeling that the new decision would bring to Sony PSN some added popularity. What do you think?

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