New iPod Touch Rumors: Camera, 64GB Storage, Expected Release Date Inside [Prototype Spotted, Filmed In Vietnam – Video]

May 19, 2010, By Intermaggio

In what is becoming almost routine, Vietnam has brought us yet another Apple product leak well before its intended release date. This time around, it’s the updated iPod Touch, and like the Apple MacBook 7.1 and the iPhone HD Protoype, (both of which we covered extensively), the iPod Touch also leaked through (warning: Vietnamese).

So far, the aforementioned website has a good track record in terms of making accurate predictions- for instance, the Apple MacBook 7.1 was just launched– meaning that so far, these leaks are credible.

The new iPod touch is rumored to have 64GB of storage, an option which is currently available from the Apple store, but costs $399. We speculate that when this new model arrives, it’ll be the standard option, retailing for $199.

The other new feature of note is the built-in camera, which is a feature that we’ve all been waiting for in the touch. Though we don’t have specifics, it seems to be on par with the video quality of similar devices, so it shouldn’t disappoint.

Though we can’t be certain, this updated iPod touch is expected to be released at WWDC 2010 – Apple’s developer conference this June. If not then, we’ll likely see it hit shelves in September, in time for the holiday season.

What do you think of all the Apple rumors lately? We’ve seen that some are real- but how sure is it that this one is? Should be punished for their leaks? Make your voice heard in comments!

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