Facebook Mobile With No Data Charges: 0.facebook.com – Now Released

May 19, 2010, By Intermaggio

Seems like despite the Facebook privacy concerns, the development team has been some good work. Just yesterday marked the exciting release of 0.facebook.com (that’s [ZERO].facebook.com)… a mobile version of the website optimized for minimal data transfer, minimal enough that over 50 carriers are offering the website at no data charge.

It’s about time.

0.facebook.com is optimized in such a way that by default it will only load text data, saving lots of time, and even more precious bandwidth for those who don’t have unlimited data plans.

It’s completely free to use if your carrier supports it, and if it doesn’t, visiting the website will get you this error message:

0.facebook.com – oddly enough – is accessed by visiting 0.facebook.com, check it out! And tell us in comments if it works for you!

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