Android 2.1 Official Release For HTC Hero – Free Download Now Available From Sprint

May 19, 2010, By Intermaggio

After weeks of misleading rumors, leaked releases, and changing reports from Sprint (which was last reported as aiming for June), we finally have the much-awaited official Android 2.1 release. Here’s the low-down.

The update is officially numbered 2.27.651.5, and brings tons of new enhancements to several applications, as well as improvements in the UI. More specifically, you’ll get:

  • Easier to use UI
  • Turn-By-Turn Navigation from Google Maps
  • Live Wallpaper
  • Better Corporate Email Support
  • A variety of other small bug fixes

It’s finally here. If you decided to opt out of downloading the Android 2.1 leak a few days ago, your waiting has finally paid off.

Have you installed the Android 2.1 update on your Hero? Did you install it before the official release? Let us know in comments!

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