3D Games: Ubisoft Says 50% Titles Available In 3D By 2012

May 19, 2010, By Intermaggio

Ubisoft made some bold predictions about the future of gaming the past few days. The French game developing giant predicts that by 2012, 50% of major game titles will be available in 3D. 3D gameplay is a giant step for gaming, and one step closer to virtual reality. With gaming, it’s all about the immersion, and a technology that allows you to actually feel like you’re walking down a corridor, rather than feel like you’re looking through a camera walking down a corridor is certain to tickle every gamers’ fantasy.

It’s this logic that lead Ubisoft to proclaim that in a mere two years, half of our major titles will be available in 3D. And to be honest, I don’t think that technology can come fast enough.

What’s your take on 3D in gaming and television? Is it worth it’s hype? Drop us a comment (no registration required) and lend us your thoughts!

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