Omnivision OV2720 image sensor supports 1080p video; mass production starts this June

May 18, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Omnivision has announced its latest product, the OV2720 image sensor that provides support for videos with 1080p resolution. The new sensor has been designed to be very compact, with its size being one-sixth of an inch. This allows the sensor to be embedded in lids of netbooks and other devices used for video conferencing. The image sensor can also help in recording 1080p resolution video at a speed of 30 fps. 

The OV2720, which is currently being sampled by companies, is capable of operating across different platforms and different devices. This makes it easy to use the sensor on a wide range of devices. Binning is also supported by the sensor, ensuring better quality images in low light as compared to VGA sensors.

Omnivision has earlier hinted that image sensors built by the company would be used in the new iPhone. However, the iPhone is unlikely to use the OV2720 image sensor for its HD video capturing feature. Another component from Omnivision, the OV5650 is likely to be used, as it is also capable of recording 1080p video. The high-definition video capture and playback feature is tipped to be the one of the main features of the new iPhone, which could even be called the iPhone HD.

The production of the OV2720 image sensor will begin on a mass scale from June onwards.

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