iPhone 4G Expected Release Date: June 7, Specs Inside

May 18, 2010, By Intermaggio

The iPhone 4G, the phone that’s been leaking every which way for the past 2-3 weeks finally has a release date, and some technical information, and my god. This is one sexy piece of hardware.

Let’s start with some background information regarding the iPhone 4G’s release: Foxconn, Apple’s motherboard manufacturer is set to ship 24 million (that’s 24,000,000) iPhone 4G units by the end of 2010. These shipments will follow the official announcement of the phone, expected on June 7, 2010.

Are you ready for the stats? This handheld phone will have 960×640 resolution. Think on that for a second. 960×640 resolution. In the palm of your hand. Not only that, Apple has improved their screen using IPS and FFS (in-plane switching, fringe-field switching) for a much wider viewing angle. This is an upgrade geared towards improve eBook reading experience, but will also help improve the overall user experience.

The iPhone 4G will also double the RAM of its 3GS counterpart, bringing it up to 512MB- plenty of power to run your favorite apps, all at once, thanks to the new multitasking feature.

Finally, the phone’s screen is 33% thinner than previous iterations, which accommodates larger batteries, meaning that this thing should see significantly improved battery life.

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