iPad Hack: Use iPad As A Second Monitor Via WiFi (“Air Display” Application By Avatron – $9.99)

May 18, 2010, By Intermaggio

The iPad has had some very controversial reviews- while many think it’s revolutionary, others chalk it up to flashy marketing with no real technical advances. Regardless of what you think of the iPad, you’ll agree that this nifty application by developer Avatron is pretty damn cool.

The application, called Air Display, works by connecting your iPad to your Apple computer via WiFi, and allows your iPad to act as a second monitor. It’s especially cool when you realize that when you’re at your computer, your iPad is probably lying next to your screen anyway, feeling underutilized. You can really never have too much screen real estate, can you?

Avatron plans to submit their application to Apple sometime next week for approval and sale in the app store. When it does go on sale, Air Display will costs $9.99.

Will you buy it?

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