Amazon gets set for release of Kindle app for Android phones

May 18, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon has announced that it will release a Kindle app for Android phones, allowing users of Android phones to access certain features of the Kindle e-reader through their phones. The Kindle app for Android phones will include WhisperSync technology that can provide automatic synchronization of the last page read by the user, bookmarks created and notes between the Kindle and other devices that are compatible with the Kindle such as PCs, iPhone, Mac, BlackBerry and iPad.

Users can also increase the size of the text, add bookmarks and read books in portrait and landscape modes. They can also switch from one page to another by tapping lightly on either side of the phone’s screen.

The Kindle app will enable users to buy books from Kindle’s online store that will be optimized for Android phones. The online store contains more than 96 books from New York Times’ bestsellers list, with prices starting at $9.99. However, the availability of books could be different for customers outside the US. The purchased books can be delivered directly to the phone by wireless auto-delivery method.

Android phone users will also be able to read the first few pages of a book on the Kindle store before deciding to make a purchase. The books purchased using the Kindle app can also be read on the Kindle and other devices that are compatible with the Kindle. However, the Kindle app for Android phones does not provide access to newspapers, blogs and magazines that are available on Kindle.

Kindle apps have already been released by Amazon for certain mobile devices and operating systems including Windows and Mac OS. For the Kindle app to run on Android phones, the phone will require a minimum of an Android 1.6 operating system and an SD card. The app will function on phones such as the Nexus One, HTC MyTouch, Motorola CLIQ and Droid, Droid Incredible and such Android phones.

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