Sprint Locked BlackBerry Bold 9650 Finally Starts Selling Ahead of Touted Availability Date

May 17, 2010, By Atul Roach

With all the hype about the Android giants in the market making the customers go bizarre, it is difficult to imagine how a non-Android, business-user centric handset will win admirers. Interestingly, BlackBerry is one name that has existed despite all odds and here we have the Tour successor, the Bold 9650, knocking on the doors of the Sprint customers.

We did mention that the face-lifted handset will arrive at Sprint stores by May 23, but Sprint has manged to surprise us a week earlier. Big Red is also expected to offer the handset anytime soon, but by the look of things, it is Sprint which is seemingly winning this rat race.

The Bold 9650 is tagged at a full retail price of $450, but the the Sprint customers can make it their own for $199.99 after a mail-in-rebate of $100, on a two-year contract. This is a good enough hint that the still in stock, 9630, which bears a price tag of $100 has its days numbered at the Sprint venues across the US.

Bold 9650 is a big device for people looking to spend money on a great scheduler and a perfect e-mailing device and here is Sprint offering you your first opportunity in the US.

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