Pre-order your Nissan Leaf with a $99-placeholder fee; Make sure you are among the first 8000 owners when the all-electric car debuts in 2011

May 17, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We know you all have been waiting for the Nissan Leaf electric car. The wait seems to be getting over now with Nissan officially announcing that customers in the US can pre-order one from among the first roll outs. That means, you can choose your model from the first lot of 8000 Nissan Leaf cars that would roll out by 2012.

If you are interested, you can now pre-order your eco-friendly leaf with $99. The MSRP of the car in the US is expected to be around $33,000 with a discount thanks to the various federal tax credits.

According to Nissan, the $99 it  is asking for pre-ordering the electric car is not a down payment. It has been explained that the preorder price is a placeholder that would ensure that the car is made available with priority to you when it arrives. So shell out the $99 placeholder  fee and make sure you are one among the first 8000 Leaf owners.  

Nissan’s new eco-friendly model Leaf comes across as a compact five-door hatchback all-electric machine and will return a 100 mile range with the 24 kWh battery. Running a synchronous AC motor, the car will also boast of a round the clock connection to a Nissan data center that would bring in entertainment and vehicle support on a large scale. Further, the Leaf would also come with Bluetooth support that will help you control the car’s recharging cycles via your mobile phone. When are you preordering your Leaf?

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