Microsoft Project Natal Pricing Leaked, May Cost $200

May 17, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Electronic Entertainment Expo better known as the E3 (edition 2010) is almost a month away and we are overwhelmingly excited about the event as Microsoft’s Project Natal Motion Gaming System is slated for a thorough release there as we mentioned before. As expected, the pricing rumors have started to surface and the first take is that the Xbox 360 peripheral could cost $200.

We agree that it is an unacceptable pricing for the full-body motion controller, but you needn’t be annoyed as it is a mere presumption based on the price listed by a couple of Swedish dealers.

The priced listed on the retailers website is 1,499 SEK and when you make the conversion, it falls somewhere between $195 and $200. Make sure to consider the fact that the pricing for gaming equipments in Sweden is slightly higher compared to the US.

Even then, a mere peripheral costing $200 is definitely indigestible and therefore we are banishing this assumption right away. The MSFT event at the E3 2010 is the place where you will come to know about the precise details and pricing and we are in the mood to be patient until then.

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