Apple iPad to be Used on BlueBox Avionics On-board Ai IFE Systems

May 17, 2010, By Atul Roach

The iPad global launch is still pretty much a mystery but that hasn’t stopped BlueBox Avionics from thinking about making an extensive use of the Apple tablet. It is arguably the most advanced portable entertainment device and it is truly something which could substitute the contemporary inflight entertainment systems.

BlueBox has succeeded in developing industry’s first IFE system that could thoroughly utilize the iPad. It is dubbed the Ai IFE system and it would help eliminate the need of equipping the aircraft with heavy and wired IFE hardware. In the most simplest of terms, the airlines could distribute iPads as an alternative to the customary inflight entertainment systems.

Slated for an official unveiling at the Aircraft Interiors Expo, Ai Inflight Entertainment System is combined with the power, flexibility and quality of an iPad, ‘levitating’ the device to an altogether different level.

This could well be the difference in quality of the airlines in the times to come although not many are bothered about the kind of entertainment offered on-board apparently. Imagine boarding a flight and using an iPad for entrainment instead of the conventional systems.

An undisclosed carrier is already set to take the plunge and quite predictably, the others will do nothing but follow the trend in order to survive the competition.

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