Buying Nexus One Handsets Is No Longer An Option From Google Online Store

May 16, 2010, By Intermaggio

In an interesting turn of events, Google has decided to shut down their online store, having determined that people need the hands-on experience that playing with a phone in person offers, rather than buying a phone they’ve never seen, and hoping for the best.

It’s clear that Google has put some thought into their marketing strategy, and do really want what’s best for potential buyers, and evidenced in their blog post on the subject:

But, as with every innovation, some parts worked better than others. While the global adoption of the Android platform has exceeded our expectations, the web store has not. It’s remained a niche channel for early adopters, but it’s clear that many customers like a hands-on experience before buying a phone, and they also want a wide range of service plans to chose from.

It makes sense, really- only the hardcore Googlers will be buying the phone online, where the average Joe will want to play with the phone a bit before deciding whether or not to make the purchase.

Google goes on to say that they’ll be closing the online store as retail availability increases:

Once we have increased the availability of Nexus One devices in stores, we’ll stop selling handsets via the web store, and will instead use it as an online store window to showcase a variety of Android phones available globally.

It’s still a bit surreal to us at DeviceMAG to see Google products start to show up more regularly in retail stores. Is Google becoming too powerful for its own good? Share your thoughts with us in comments!

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