NASA Confirms Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch, Everything Goes as Scheduled

May 14, 2010, By Alex Ion

Launch for space shuttle Atlantis has been confirmed by NASA for today, May 14th, at 2.20PM EST, and by the looks of it — great weather (70% chances) and no technical issues, everything will go as scheduled at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Shuttle Atlantis is moved to Pad 39A @ NASA Kennedy Space Center (1990)

We know that the external tank is fully loaded with more than a half million gallons of liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen, and as you read the Final Inspection Team conducts a one last detailed survey of the shuttle.

On it’s 12-day mission (dubbed STS-132) to the International Space Station, Atlantis will carry out an integrated cargo carrier and a Mini Research Module built by Russia that is meant to provide additional storage space and a new docking port for the Russian Soyuz and Progress spacecraft.

NASA astronaut Ken Ham will be the commander of the mission and he’ll work with an “all-veteran” flight crew that includes shuttle pilot Tony Antonelli and Mission Specialists Michael Good, Garrett Reisman, Piers Sellers and Steve Bowen. All these guys will get to enjoy three spacewalks, each planned to last for approximately 6.5 hours.

“Twelve days, three [spacewalks], tons of robotics – -we’re putting on spares that make us feel good about the long-term sustainability of the ISS, replacing batteries that have been up there for a while, and docking a Russian-built ISS module,” said John Shannon, Space Shuttle program manager. “This flight has a little bit of everything, and it’s been a great preparation for the team.”

After this Atlantis mission, only two more shuttle flights have been scheduled before the program is scrapped.

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