HTC EVO 4G Accessories Detailed Ahead of Launch

May 14, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

 Now that it is official that the HTC EVO 4G would come minus Flash, we think we should look at what else it would have as support. From what Sprint, the HTC EVO 4G carrier, says, the handset will come with a slew of other add-ons.

Though the  HTC EVO 4G was earlier believed to have included Flash technology in its fold, the news that it would not comes as a surprise. However, all the other stuff spoken of earlier are there in the latest list and they include a kickstand built into the back. That would mean that video viewing would be made easier for the professional on the move. Further, it would come with a pinch-to-zoom option and would enable automatic text re-flow that would make Web page views easy.

Running Android 2.1, the HTC EVO 4G would come with access to around 35,000 apps on Android Market. That sounds good, doesn’t it?

The question remains as to whether Sprint would go for Flash at all at least at a later stage. Also, we are still uncertain as to when the Froyo update will be made real. Take a look at the accessories that HTC PediaShop has lined up.

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