Acer Chrome OS devices likely to be shown at Computex Taipei Show this June

May 14, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Acer is said to be lining up the launch of new devices running on Google’s Chrome OS by next month. From what we get to know, the new launches are likely to happen at the Computex Taipei Show that gets underway in June. The Chrome OS has been built by Google with a focus on the internet, for use in netbooks. 

The devices to be launched by Acer at the show are still unknown, though Google had mentioned that it was possible for Chrome to be brought to other kinds of devices such as smartbooks or tablet PCs powered by non-x86 chips such as ARM processors. Samsung may also be creating a smartbook using an ARM processor that runs Chrome OS and supports devices running Nvidia Tegra2 processors as well.

The Computex event will allow Google to better display the Chrome OS, originally built for desktop PCs, since it was first showcased in November last year. The OS has also received the support of other computer manufacturers such as ASUS.

However, the co-existence of netbooks running Chrome OS with mobile devices running Android OS is still in doubt. It’s been known since early 2009 that netbooks running Android OS would be launched this year and many companies intend to sell them, including Acer.

The Android OS is more likely to be seen on tablet PCs as it supports multitouch system and the Chrome OS will find wider use in smartbooks and netbooks as it requires keyboards and trackpads for better operation, although we are unsure of this move being adopted by Google. The Android can also be easily employed in integrated devices, such as the Dragonpoint TV project that Google is developing with Intel and Sony. It may be recalled that Google’s Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt had said last year that Chrome and Android OS would merge over a period of time, leaving aside any differences.

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