What is iPad? New iPad Commercial Explains Just How Magical the Apple Tablet Is

May 13, 2010, By Alex Ion

For those of you who had their heads firmly implanted into sand or under a heavy rock, and don’t know what is iPad, we’re here to help.

For those of you who know, prepare yourself for some more bragging coming straight from Cupertino.

But enough with all this mystery, here’s Apple’s latest iPad TV commercial that tells just how sleek and revolutionary the new device is: “iPad is thin, iPad is beautiful, iPad goes everywhere and lasts all day. There’s no right way or wrong way, it’s crazy powerful, it’s magical”.

For us that’s just a very basic product demonstration and nothing more, but the way they’ve done it this time is much more aggressive than we expected — a rough voice of a man (sounding superior) which is far from being sleek if you ask us, but makes you think twice before deciding to buy an iPad. Right?

Then there’s also the fact that the iPad is being presented as a simple device for the common and the most sophisticated user at the same time. And did you notice that how it ends … “it’s only just begun'”? As in, wait till you see iPad 2, or what?

Do you like the new iPad TV ad. Do you find it aggressive or maybe a bit superior?

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