Sharp IS01 1GHz Android MID developer edition rolled out

May 13, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

A developer version of the IS01 smartbook from Sharp, which was announced by the company earlier, is now available for you to pick. In case you are in Japan, that is. The developer version, JN-DK01, was released with the SDK and a website for Android developers named SH Developers Square. The version contains Android 6.1 API along with a proprietary extended API from Sharp.

The company has asked developers to use the APIs to create apps running on the Android platform for data transfer via infrared signals, LED flashlight, the camera, file picker and opening and closing notifications. They have also been instructed that the apps should run at 854×480 resolution.

JN-DK01 does not have any apps from Google, such as Gmail and YouTube. It does not provide access to the Android Market for additional apps and Sharp has also not included any of its apps in the device. Developers will also not be able to gain access to the FM transmitter, EVDO radio, 1Seg TV tuner and phone functions that will be present on the IS01. The developer version is available in a single colour – brown – and its pricing is yet to be revealed by Sharp.

Sharp had earlier announced that the consumer version of the IS01 would release in October. However, recent reports suggest that the gadget is due for release next month in Japan. The device will have a 5-inch multi-touch screen and a 1GHz processor from Snapdragon powering its functions. The IS01 will be available in black and light blue colors.

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