Nokia Launches Lawsuit Against Apple Over the iPad

May 7, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Boy, oh boy. As if we haven’t seen enough lawsuit mud-slinging lately by several large companies, but the situation seems to be tensing up as Nokia have decided to join in the fun by suing Apple over alleged patent infringement in the iPad.

According to Nokia, Apple’s iPad and iPhone pose a violation of a total of five patents registered by Nokia. These range from enhanced speech and data transmission technology, through using positioning data in applications, to specific antenna configurations for the purpose of space optimization.

The lawsuit seems to be quite a serious threat to Apple, considering it concerns several things that are serving as the backbone for the iPad and iPhone’s majority of applications right now – for example, positioning data is currently being used in pretty much every other app there is.

The lawsuit came a bit out of the blue, though we can see how it’s probably a response to an on-going series of events between the two companies (and others, too) over the last year. Apple haven’t made any comment on the situation yet.

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